Advanced Technology for Military-Forces


Life Cycle Support

ATM supports consistent and comprehensive life cycle support at all levels of repair and material maintenance.

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Ensuring situational awareness with multi-touch technology

The ATM offers with the VistaMaster-17 PPC MFD a display with multi-touch capability.[ mehr ]

IT system for the eyes of the artillery

ATM provides FENNEK JFST with comprehensive IT command and control equipment including Logistic Life Cycle Support.

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Silent Server: A silent computer system without a fan

The 19" APC 2HE is a super-silent and robust computer system for 19" racks which operates at a high performance level without any need for a housing fan.

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Central information and operating unit

The VistaMaster-12" MFD PPC features a multi-functional display as a panel PC for use in a wide range of different applications including surveillance and reconnaissance, interacting with battle management systems, and C4I tasks.

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The new CENTURION i7 Computer

The CENTURION i7 is a ruggedized vehicle computer which is specially tailored to both current and future challenges.[ mehr ]

Values.  Motivation. Philosophy.


We offer you integral solutions.
Not every successful concept has to follow on from a current problem - we like to think ahead! For that reason we are always open to new ideas and creative lateral thinking. Over many years of partnership, innovative ideas develop and mature - we want to put them into practice with you.


We combine continuity and innovation.
In our book, there is no conflict between these two concepts. Our customers know us and have valued us as a high-quality supplier for 30 years. But a tradition of quality does not mean being stuck in the mud. On the contrary, we aim to combine new technologies with proven components. With the help of your feedback, your requirements and our development capabilities, we create solutions that combine the best of both worlds – consistent quality and innovation.


We make people our top priority.
The transition from the industrial age to the information age demands new answers and new concepts. ATM meets these new challenges with innovative products and a high level of expertise. But our main focus is always on the person who will use our products, so we have made it our goal to offer user-friendly and flexible IT solutions.


We guarantee reliability.
You can depend on us. On the performance of our company and our staff, and on our high-quality products, which function optimally and reliably even under extreme conditions.