Advanced Technology for Military-Forces


Ensuring situational awareness with multi-touch technology

The ATM offers with the VistaMaster-17 PPC MFD a display with multi-touch capability.[more]

IT system for the eyes of the artillery

ATM provides FENNEK JFST with comprehensive IT command and control equipment including Logistic Life Cycle Support.


Silent Server: A silent computer system without a fan

The 19" APC 2HE is a super-silent and robust computer system for 19" racks which operates at a high performance level without any need for a housing fan.


Central information and operating unit

The VistaMaster-12" MFD PPC features a multi-functional display as a panel PC for use in a wide range of different applications including surveillance and reconnaissance, interacting with battle management systems, and C4I tasks.


The new CENTURION i7 Computer

The CENTURION i7 is a ruggedized vehicle computer which is specially tailored to both current and future challenges.[more]

VistaMaster display family

The modular display and panel PC family VistaMaster can be adapted to customers' needs by creating variants. Visit the VistaMaster product page for additional information.



MDU display

The MDU display family is available with or without touch screen functuality and is created for missions in rough environmental conditions.

  • The display (optional with or without touch screen) can be operated as a computer console, or as a monitor for the CENTURION vehicle computer.
  • When used as a monitor, the display interfaces can be switched between two CENTURION computers by pressing a button.
  • The display can also be used with night vision goggles and are sunlight readable



System control unit

The crew controls the vehicle's devices with the System Control Unit.

  • The system control unit is a configurable user interface to the other control units of the vehicle, and supports both the squad commander and the squad leader.
  • Ten programmable operating panels are available on each system control unit. They are selected via assigned function keys (hard keys).



Central control unit

The crew controls the primary operation functions with the Central Control Unit.

  • Central unit between the squad commander and the squad leader by means of which the primary control functions are controlled in close dialogue with the system logic of the infantry fighting vehicle.
  • The operating functions are controlled via rotary and toggle switches plus buttons with back-lit pictograms.


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