Advanced Technology for Military-Forces


VistaMaster display family

An optimum overview relies on being fully informed at all times and under all circumstances, wherever your area of operations might be located. Effectively accessing information and data from various sources, to display or edit, has priority. The devices of the VistaMaster display and panel PC family support in data processing and representation.


The scaling of device dimensions and functional adaptability mean that a wide and varied range of applications can be supported: from display only with graphics interfaces, slave display outside the vehicle and rear display for monitoring the area around a vehicle, to display with terminal function to assist driver and commander. The devices can even be configured to serve as central control and display units.


In view of this wide spectrum of application, ATM has paid particular attention to ensuring that its displays are clearly legible in the dark, in mixed light conditions and even in strong sunlight.


VistaMaster as SIL variant

Reliable display of data and intuitive operation of displays is becoming increasingly important as the battlefield becomes digital.


Inaccurately displayed data or erroneously entered commands can pose enormous risks to people and the environment. To minimize this, the VistaMaster ensures functional safety requirements according to Safety Integrity Level (SIL) according to DIN EN 61508.


Highlights at a glance

  • Display or panel PC in variable sizes
  • Modular and scalable design
  • Singletouch oder multitouch
  • VistaMaster with SIL functionality
  • Available in display sizes from 7" to 17"
  • Resolution up to full HD
  • Integrated video processing
  • Picture in picture functionality
  • Display ist abgesetzt betreibbar
  • Operable with night vision goggles
  • Daylight readable


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