Advanced Technology for Military-Forces


At the 31st AFCEA exhibition, the ATM presents with the KommServer and the CENTURION i7 two systems for media-free communication and data transmission.[ mehr ]

Networking from a single source

With the new communication server and "cross-functional operation and display", ATM ComputerSysteme GmbH will be presenting two technology highlights at the 30th AFCEA exhibition.

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Silent Server: A silent computer system without a fan

The 19" APC 2HE is a super-silent and robust computer system for 19" racks which operates at a high performance level without any need for a housing fan.

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Central information and operating unit

The VistaMaster-12" MFD PPC features a multi-functional display as a panel PC for use in a wide range of different applications including surveillance and reconnaissance, interacting with battle management systems, and C4I tasks.

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The new CENTURION i7 Computer

The CENTURION i7 is a ruggedized vehicle computer which is specially tailored to both current and future challenges.[ mehr ]

CENTURION i7 vehicle computer

The CENTURION i7 is a ruggedized vehicle computer which is specially tailored to both current and future challenges.


The technology of the CENTURION i7 is based on a 64-bit architecture that is suitable for process- and memory-intensive applications and a variable memory configuration. Customer-specific adjustments can be made within the modular design. The capacities of the RAM and mass storage can be selected, as can the available interfaces including CAN-BUS, GB-LAN, serial RS, audio, USB 2.0/3.0 and DVI.


Additional functionalities, from a standard assembly to customer-specific developments, can be installed via the integrated extension interface. With respect to form, fit and function, the CENTURION i7 is installation- and backward-compatible with the CENTURION computers that are already in use. If additional functions, upgrades and other hardware options are added, the basis of the computer remains unaffected by the changes.

High-performance backbone for state-of-the-art combat vehicles

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