Advanced Technology for Military-Forces


Life Cycle Support

ATM supports consistent and comprehensive life cycle support at all levels of repair and material maintenance.

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Ensuring situational awareness with multi-touch technology

The ATM offers with the VistaMaster-17 PPC MFD a display with multi-touch capability.[ mehr ]

IT system for the eyes of the artillery

ATM provides FENNEK JFST with comprehensive IT command and control equipment including Logistic Life Cycle Support.

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Silent Server: A silent computer system without a fan

The 19" APC 2HE is a super-silent and robust computer system for 19" racks which operates at a high performance level without any need for a housing fan.

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Central information and operating unit

The VistaMaster-12" MFD PPC features a multi-functional display as a panel PC for use in a wide range of different applications including surveillance and reconnaissance, interacting with battle management systems, and C4I tasks.

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The new CENTURION i7 Computer

The CENTURION i7 is a ruggedized vehicle computer which is specially tailored to both current and future challenges.[ mehr ]

Vehicle Server

As a central computer instance, the vehicle server provides services for data processing and data storage in a military vehicle.


With high performance, the server manges various connected clients via the vehicle-internal network. For this purpose, the vehicle server is equipped with a processor that executes a large number of parallel and compute-intensive threads.


The vehicle server has no fans, i.e. the heat is dissipated by convection. This design makes the vehicle server suitable for environments that require splash-proof and dustproof systems. The architecture makes the vehicle server low-noise and enables a particularly quiet setup of the vehicle computer network.




  • Fanless server system
  • Heat dissipation by convection
  • Extra silent computer system
  • External control and monitoring via IPMI
  • CPU with 16 core and 32 threads
  • Server with CENTURION/KommServer footprint
  • Server acc. to radiation security (COMSEC)



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