Diagnostic application for offline function testing

Integrated testing software for IT equipment kits

Diagnostic application for offline function testing

When the vehicle returns to the workshop at the end of the mission, the repair technicians use the integrated ATM testing software to localise any faults in the IT equipment kits. The application checks the basic functions of the IT components installed all the way down to the replaceable unit. Together with ATM’s testing software, it forms an integrated fault diagnosis and maintenance concept for a full vehicle system check.

At the same time, repair technicians use ATM’s cross-functional testing software to perform a hardware test using testing equipment. This test localises errors in ATM’s KommServer, CENTURION i7 and VistaMaster families of devices, as well as in third-party hardware. The tool checks for short circuits and line breaks in various hardware platforms, integrated components, interfaces, connected peripheral devices and data cables, as well as end devices in installed condition.

Performance overview:

  • Component testing at functional chain level
  • Targeted fault localisation down to ERU level
  • Enables testing in installed condition
  • Checks interfaces and connected peripherals
  • Detection of short circuits and line breaks
  • Projectable onto new equipment kits


Important standards and product characteristics

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