JFST FENNEK in the field and key visual of a battery charger

Battery charger – mobile and ruggedized charger

Securing the functioning of mobile equipment in dismounted operations

If soldiers are deployed in remote areas for long periods of time, the equipment batteries they carry will have to be recharged. The battery charger is specially designed for these requirements. As a charging station fed by the vehicle’s power supply, the battery charger can charge up to four different types of batteries simultaneously. Intelligent charging electronics ensure the optimal charge level of the battery blocks at all times and prevent overcharging. It is not necessary to keep the vehicle’s engine running for the charging process. Thanks to its enclosed design, the box-shaped charging cup holder protects both the inserted batteries and the mounted soldiers during the ride.

Performance overview:

  • Charges four different battery types
  • Monitors battery status and vehicle prime power voltage
  • Open to new technologies
  • Automatic battery recognition and charging
  • Prevents charging outside of battery specifications
  • Deep discharge protection for vehicle battery


Important standards and product characteristics

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Two Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft flying over two camouflaged FENNEK reconnaissance vehicles

The plus points

Robust charger for insertable batteries

On-board voltage network

ATM ensures smooth operation on the vehicle’s electrical system through the consistent application of VG96916. This standard guarantees that the battery charger harmonises with the power supply system, does not negatively influence the system or take damage itself.


ATM adapts the charging cradle and charging cup holder to the desired battery types both mechanically and electrically. The battery charger is open to new designs and technologies.


The battery charger keeps out water and dust, withstands salt fog, holds up to fluctuating pressures and the extended temperature range, and reliably processes data under heavy shocks and vibrations.

Charging electronics

The charging process starts automatically as soon as a charging cradle with battery is inserted into the charging cup holder with the charger switched on. Intelligent charging electronics ensure the battery’s optimal charge level at all times.

Charging procedure

The vehicle drive does not have to be running to charge. The battery charger’s monitoring electronics prevent deep discharge of the vehicle battery.


An aluminium housing ensures EMC compatibility. ATM applies various civil norms and standards as well as MIL-SPECS for this purpose.


The battery charger can be adapted to meet the customer’s requests and requirements in every respect, from the interfaces and memory to customer-specific functionalities.


The charger uses the charging cradle to identify the necessary parameters so that the charging process starts automatically when an insertable battery is inserted into the charging cup holder. The intelligent charging electronics monitor both the battery and the vehicle’s prime power voltage.

  • Prerequisites for charging
  • Charging mode
  • Battery
  • Vehicle
  • Special

Prerequisites for charging

  • Charge within the vehicle’s system voltage range
  • Determine the valid temperature range for charging

Charging mode

  • Separate discharge currents and charging currents
  • All connections independent
  • Prevents charging outside of battery specifications


  • Automatic battery recognition and charging
  • Saves charging and discharging parameters
  • Battery capacity determination


  • Charging when the vehicle is stationary
  • Deep discharge protection for vehicle battery


  • “Smart battery” function
  • Partial charge of 30 percent for air transport

Technical data

Electrical properties

Output during charging maximum 195 watts


Input voltage 18 V to 32 V


Input current in charging mode maximum 8.5 amps

Insertable batteries supported

Nyxus lithium-ion battery


PRC148 lithium-ion battery


PRC152A lithium-ion battery


BB2590 lithium-ion battery


other battery technologies and battery types upon request


ATM battery charger
ATM battery charger

Hardware variants

  • Battery charger with individual charging cup holder
  • Battery charger with individual charging cradle
  • Battery charger in customer-specific design
  • Battery charger with customer-specific functions