Two LEOPARD 2 main battle tanks in the field and key visual of the MDI display

MDU display — ruggedized display system

Control unit for optimum situation display

Robust and mission-proven

Harsh environments and tough terrain place high demands on displays in military vehicles when it comes to robustness, reliability and durability. ATM’s MDU display is a monitor specifically designed for wheeled and tracked armoured vehicles – regardless of whether it is mounted in the command vehicle, command post or weapons carrier. The MDU display has proven itself in the Bundeswehr.

Designed for adverse light conditions

Soldiers operate the MDU using its resistive touch surface. ATM considers it very important for the display to be easy to read in darkness, mixed light situations and in bright sunshine. The MDU is designed to ensure low reflection and high-contrast legibility at all times.

Performance overview:

  • Resolution up to full HD
  • Wide range of interfaces on the display
  • Durable touchscreen thanks to GFG technology
  • Multi-level and automatic brightness adjustment
  • Operation with night vision goggles
  • Long service life thanks to the use of high-quality materials

Important standards and product characteristics

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Camouflaged GTK BOXER standing in the terrain

The plus points

Durable display for weapons carriers


Various technological developments and design measures ensure that the information on the MDU display can be read and the display operated under any light conditions.

On-board voltage network

ATM ensures smooth operation on the vehicle’s electrical system through the consistent application of VG96916. This standard guarantees that the MDU harmonises with the power supply system, does not negatively influence the system or take damage itself.


The MDU display keeps out water and dust, withstands salt fog, holds up to fluctuating pressures and the extended temperature range, and reliably processes data under heavy shocks and vibrations.


Extremely durable touchscreen thanks to glass-film-glass technology (GFG). GFG is a refinement of resistive technology and features a protective glass surface.


An aluminium housing and special display design ensure EMC compatibility. ATM applies various civil norms and standards as well as MIL-SPECS for this purpose.


The MDU display is the central display of the battle management system and the connected cameras in the armoured vehicles of the Bundeswehr.

  • Screen diagonal
  • Monitor mode
  • Console mode

Screen diagonal

MDU displays share the same housing size, but have two different screen diagonals. Both are compatible with one another in terms of dimensions and fastenings.

Monitor mode

Monitor mode allows the MDU to be connected to three different computers simultaneously. All connected USB devices (and the touchscreen) are provided to the relevant computer via USB host interface.

Console mode

Console mode means that peripheral devices and external USB devices for the CENTURION computer are connected directly to the MDU. The interfaces are connected to the MDU by a control cable.

Technical data

Display characteristics

15" and 17" display size


Colour TFT


Full HD resolution


Brightness 600 cd/m²


Contrast 500:1


Multi-level dimming up to masking


Resistive GFG Touch


AR coating


LED backlight

Input elements

Resistive single-touch




Camera switching


Control keys

Interfaces Remote control output
  Serial bus
  Bit-serial connection
  Digital video interface
  Analogue video interface
  Image processing interfaces
  Connection for mouse and keyboard
ATM MDU17 display
MDU-15 and MDU-17HD

Hardware variants

  • 15" MDU display
  • 17" MDU display
  • MDU display with resistive single-touch
  • MDU display with capacitive multi-touch