BOXER RCH155 and key visual of the VistaMaster-17S

VistaMaster-17S - SIL display

Unique multifunctional display for reliable visualisation

The ATM VistaMaster-17S supports the vehicle crew in processing information, ensuring situational awareness and controlling vehicle functions. In this context, data displayed incorrectly or commands entered accidentally can have serious consequences. The inputs and actions that soldiers carry out on IT equipment can jeopardise the safety of people and material or the environment. This makes it important for the operator to know that the information shown on a display is accurate. The VistaMaster-17S gives the operator certainty because it meets the safety integrity level (SIL) according to the functional safety requirements of DIN EN 61508.

Performance overview:

  • Reliable display up to SIL 3 as per DIN EN 61508
  • Safe input up to SIL 2 as per DIN EN 61508
  • Resolution up to full HD
  • PCAP display with capacitive multi-touch
  • Touchscreen sensitivity can be adjusted to the type of glove
  • Integrated video signal processing

Important standards and product characteristics

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Two tanks during a manoeuvre

The plus points

Reliable display of data and information


The VistaMaster-17S supports capacitive multi-touch (in normal mode) and resistive single-touch (in safe mode).


Various technological developments and design measures ensure that the information on the VistaMaster-17S can be read and the display operated under any light conditions.

On-board voltage network

ATM ensures smooth operation on the vehicle’s electrical system through the application of VG96916. This guarantees that the VistaMaster harmonises with the power supply system and does not negatively influence the system or take damage itself.

Thermal stability

The VistaMaster-17S boasts high thermal stability and does not require active cooling thanks to its fan-free design.

Video processing

The VistaMaster-17S features integrated video processing. In addition to loopthrough, this also allows the camera images to be scaled and displayed in their own windows.


The VistaMaster-17S keeps out water and dust, withstands salt fog, holds up to fluctuating pressures and the extended temperature range, and reliably processes data under heavy shocks and vibrations.


An aluminium housing and special display design ensure EMC compatibility. ATM applies various civil norms and standards as well as MIL-SPECS for this purpose.


In accordance with DIN EN IEC 61508, inputs on the touchscreen or via the function keys are only executed when a separate system has determined that the display that led to the triggering event is correct.


The VistaMaster-17S can be adapted to meet the customer’s requests and requirements in every respect, from the interfaces and memory to customer-specific functionalities.


The monitoring electronics specially developed by ATM ensure that the VistaMaster-17S displays reliably up to SIL 3. Comparison with target values in a second computer system enables a safety-oriented reaction in case of deviation.

  • Function modes
  • Operation
  • Operating system
  • Modularity
  • Data entry
  • Overlay function
  • Video functions
  • Picture-in-picture
  • Life cycle

Function modes

  • For example: Safe/normal mode, video processing, battle management system or weapon station
  • Switchable via serial bus or on the device
  • Active mode determines the assignment of the function keys
  • Key assignments of alternative operating modes remain active in the background
  • No restart required when changing mode


Simultaneous operation of a battle management system or other applications, such as monitoring, management or communication software

Operating system

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Other operating systems on request


  • VistaMaster is designed to be modular and scalable
  • Adaptations to the customer’s requests
  • Adaptation of memory equipment
  • Adaptation of the type and number of interfaces
  • Adaptation to customer-specific functionalities
  • Device sizes from 7" to 17"

Data entry

  • via freely programmable function keys
  • by touch
  • via the connected peripherals

Overlay function

  • Displays the function of the active keys
  • Display of menus and symbols
  • Display of variable data

Video functions

  • Displaying analogue video sources
  • Displaying digital video sources
  • Simultaneous display and scaling of two camera windows
  • Display of analogue videos in real time
  • Low latencies for video transmission
  • Integrated video processing
  • Advanced video coding (AVC)
  • High efficiency video coding (HEVC)


Simultaneous display of two different views, such as information from the battle management system and up to two video sources.

Life cycle

  • Externally replaceable CMOS battery
  • Obsolescence management
  • VistaMaster is always up to date with the latest technology
  • Software tools for operation and maintenance

Technical data




Customer-specific memory equipment


Integrated graphics board        


Size 17”


Full HD resolution


Brightness 1,000 cd/m²


Contrast 600:1


Multi-level dimming up to masking


PCAP touch (multi-touch)


Bit-serial connections


Ethernet connection


Serial interfaces


Serial bus


Remote control output


Digital video interface


Audio interfaces


Connection for mouse and keyboard


Service interface


ATM VistaMaster-17S
VistaMaster-17S with extra rows of control keys

Hardware variants

  • VistaMaster-17S with customer-specific display size
  • VistaMaster-17S with extra rows of control keys
  • VistaMaster-17S with customer-specific design
  • VistaMaster-17S with customer-specific functions