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Central information and operating unit

ATM VistaMaster-12 MFD PPC

Konstanz, 5th November 2015. ATM ComputerSysteme GmbH (ATM) is proud to present the VistaMaster-12" MFD PPC, which features a multi-functional display as a panel PC for use in a wide range of different applications including surveillance and reconnaissance, interacting with battle management systems, and C4I tasks.

The VistaMaster-12" MFD PPC combines the VistaMaster displays with a fanless panel PC, special graphic functions, and high-resolution displays of digital and analogue camera signals. These features make it possible to run a battle management system alongside other applications, such as monitoring, management or communication software.

The display guarantees minimal reflections and high-contrast readability in sunlight thanks to its design and the automatic brightness adjustment function. The multi-level dimming range allows you to make individual adjustments for use at night, including applications requiring night-vision goggles.

The device displays the views of several connected computers, which it also has the ability to control. This function offers various operating modes, such as video processing, battle management system mode or weapon station mode. Users can switch between these by pressing certain buttons. The active mode determines how the function buttons are assigned, although the button assignments for the other operating modes remain active in the background so there's no need to restart after switching from one mode to another.

The VistaMaster-12" MFD PPC displays all digital and analogue video sources on the display, with the latter in real time. The video sources can be scaled – for example, for the picture-in-picture function, which allows two views to be displayed simultaneously, such as the data from the battle management system and up to two video sources. As well as boosting efficiency, this increases the ability of users to protect themselves by increasing situational awareness.

As a central control and display unit, the VistaMaster provides vehicle commanders with a constant overview of all relevant data thanks to the ability to switch between the different camera views, the battle management system view, the status of the weapon stations and the connected imaging devices – all at the touch of a button.

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