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Ensuring situational awareness with multi-touch technology

ATM VistaMaster-17 MFD PPC

Konstanz, 17th July 2018. Difficult terrain, extreme temperatures and harsh environments require robust solutions to ensure a reliable supply of information about the situation in the theatre of operations. At the same time, it is important that this data is presented clearly on a display. As a fanless panel PC with DVI interface, the VistaMaster-17 MFD PPC Multitouch allows information to be detected and processed in 16:9 format with Full HD resolution. This increases the situational awareness of the deployed soldiers.

The VistaMaster-17 MFD PPC Multitouch allows the user to touch the capacitive sensor of the display in multiple places at the same time. This simplifies processes and increases the safety of the crew, as soldiers will be familiar with this type of human-machine interaction from smartphones and tablet computers. The multi-touch capability makes it easy to move, select or enlarge objects shown on the display. The PCAP (projected capacitive) technology used in the touch sensor allows the display to be operated by a user wearing gloves.

The wide aspect ratio of the VistaMaster-17 MFD PPC Multitouch is ergonomically optimised for human perception, as it enables more information to be displayed. The Full HD resolution provides greater depth of detail when processing and viewing high-resolution information.

The VistaMaster-17 MFD PPC Multitouch scales the video input data automatically, saving users time and allowing them to focus their attention on other processes. Visual support during operation is provided by means of overlay texts and symbols. The hardware of the VistaMaster-17 MFD PPC Multitouch is specially designed for memory-intensive and computationally intensive tasks, without the device requiring an integrated fan.

Thanks to its high, adjustable brightness and contrast, the VistaMaster-17 MFD PPC Multitouch is suitable for variable light conditions, from sunlight to the use of night-vision goggles. The VistaMaster-17 MFD PPC Multitouch is therefore suitable for surveillance and reconnaissance tasks, as an interface for various battle management systems or as a control and display unit for C4I applications.

The VistaMaster-17 MFD PPC Multitouch has been tested in accordance with the latest military environmental standards as well as the applicable electromagnetic compatibility standards.

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