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Supporting operational readiness with life cycle software

Life cycle in use

Konstanz, 01.07.2021. Military land vehicles are equipped with complex IT systems that present the soldier with the challenge of assessing whether a vehicle is operational. For that reason, comprehensive life cycle support is a major factor in the fields of operation, repair, maintenance and technical material testing (TMP).

Whether the vehicle is being deployed for a mission, on standby at the camp, being repaired or going through vehicle acceptance, ATM ComputerSysteme GmbH offers system solutions to support the operator, administrator, repair technician and technical material inspector for each of these situations.

ATM’s mission is to provide the troops with intuitive applications to ensure the vehicles’ command and control capabilities during operations. The testing, diagnostic and administration tools are used in various vehicle systems. All of ATM’s tools are used for the TMT. The software tools function independently of the battle management system used.

During the mission: Monitoring

ATM’s SysMon tool supports the soldiers before or during a mission. SysMon is an online function monitor that registers potential IT system malfunctions and monitors system statuses. It enables manual access to important environmental parameters of the IT components being monitored. SysMon displays critical faults and system errors together with further information regarding expected operational restrictions and potential backup operation.

At the same time, SysMon provides a defined software interface which external vehicle-specific testing systems can be connected to.

After the mission: Diagnostics and testing

If the vehicle is sent for repairs after the mission, the repair technicians use ATM’s DIANA testing software to locate faults in IT equipment kits. DIANA checks the basic functions of the IT components installed all the way down to ERU level.

Repair technicians use ATM’s cross-functional testing software SysCheck to perform a hardware test using testing equipment. This test localises errors in ATM’s KommServer, CENTURION and VistaMaster families of devices, as well as in third-party hardware. SysCheck checks for short circuits and line breaks in various hardware platforms, integrated components, interfaces, connected peripheral devices and data cables, as well as end devices (e. g. radio SEM 93) in installed condition.

Together, ATM’s tools SysCheck and DIANA form an integrated fault diagnosis and maintenance concept for a full vehicle system check.

Before the mission: Administration

As a final step before returning the vehicle to a state of operational readiness, system administrators set up the IT system. ATM’s admin tools ensure the uniform administration of the troop’s computer systems. The admin tools contain programs for installing software, installing updates, creating backups and managing, backing up and restoring hard disk images. A network connection is required for administration.

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