Developer inserts a component on a circuit board with tweezers

Repairs and maintenance

Even the best hardware has its limits

Even if devices and components are built and qualified for extreme loads and for harsh environmental conditions, faults can never be ruled out completely. ATM’s IT systems are designed for prolonged periods of use, so qualified ATM personnel carry out repairs and maintenance measures even beyond the legal warranty.

ATM has its own testing and repair laboratories for this purpose, as well as an assembly facility at the company headquarters in Konstanz. From diagnostics and appraisals to complex repair work and material modifications to logistical processing – ATM does everything in-house.

Technical support for software and hardware also includes testing and analysis of the IT equipment when installed on site or through guided diagnosis by ATM service staff via remote maintenance.

Do you have a repair? Contact ATM Support for repairs at the e-mail address atm-reparatur-KDME (at) or use the contact form.

Performance overview:

  • Full service support for software and hardware
  • Repairs at in-house assembly facility
  • On-site repairs
  • Support via remote diagnosis
  • Diagnostics and expert assessment
  • Life cycle cost analysis