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System development and product design

From the idea to the development to the solution

Proven systems for protection

ATM helps the armed forces secure inhabited areas and protect the population with innovative its IT solutions for defense and security. ATM’s systems have proven themselves for more than four decades in the Bundeswehr and its allied NATO partners. ATM uses its long-standing experience and successful synergy of hardware and software engineering to offer standardised solutions and highly customisable ones based on them from a single source.

ATM operates according to a stringent and comprehensive concept that not only promises the technically optimal solution, but also ensures the customer’s satisfaction with the product throughout its entire life cycle. It is important to keep an eye on the big picture at all times, and this includes the solution’s overarching purpose, namely to provide protection and security.

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Developing individual concepts

From analysis to concept to system design

In the planning phase, ATM analyses the military environment to size up the capability of the IT system to be developed. This also includes interoperability with existing systems and devices.

Every project requires an individual concept. This is how tailor-made system solutions are created. ATM’s team of engineers puts together a customised, high-performance package for every customer with the optimum technology configuration for their particular requirements.

Carrying out the project calls for technical expertise and innovative ideas. ATM’s development teams plan, control and monitor the project over its entire timeline and beyond.

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      Performance overview:

      • Project management
      • Individual concepts
      • Tailor-made system solutions
      • Selection of suitable technologies
      • Close cooperation with the customer
      • Focus on interoperability

      Creating tailor-made development solutions

      From development to programming and construction to qualification

      ATM develops everything from the circuit and layout to the design and mechanics in its own development laboratories on the basis of common standards, procedure models or norms as well as those required by the customer.

      Qualification of the devices is carried out during development. This ensures that the product can hold up to the toughest conditions, from the tiniest component to the entire system. ATM manufactures prototypes, pilot and small series in its assembly facilities at its site in Konstanz. Large-scale production takes place at KNDS in Kassel.

      Parallel to (but also separately from) hardware engineering, ATM programs driver software, application software and applications for different operating systems using various programming languages and programming methods. These are qualified parallel to development and finally undergo testing in the field.

      As a systems supplier, ATM keeps a close eye on the tiniest of assemblies, all the way down to the circuitry

      Performance overview:

      • Development in in-house laboratories
      • Quality assurance throughout the development phase
      • Flexible production of prototypes, pilot and small series
      • Programming according to procedure models
      • Application creation based on customer requests
      • Comprehensive software testing

      Introduction to operating the system

      From integration to training to field test

      Support when integrating IT developments into vehicle systems using special software acceptance tools and qualified personnel guarantee functionality during commissioning.

      For ATM, education and training are an indispensable part of the product and an integral part of product support. ATM takes care of intensively familiarising customers with the systems they purchase. All instructional sessions and training courses are individually coordinated with the customer for the specific target group in question and are carried out by qualified personnel.

      As a final big stress test, ATM tests its products in the field. And it defines and organises test scenarios to do so. In addition to planning and performing the sequence of testing, ATM also evaluates the results.

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      Performance overview:

      • Support during technical material testing
      • MTBF calculation
      • Individual instructional courses, training and workshops
      • Performance of field tests

      Verifying operational readiness

      From use to maintenance to obsolescence management

      ATM is a partner at the customer’s side, there to assist beyond actual use in operations ATM provides support at all maintenance levels through spare parts supply, online system monitoring, offline system testing, facility maintenance and in-house materials management, all the way to proactive obsolescence management and adjustments via form-fit-function processes.

      Life cycle management with software tools from ATM

      Performance overview:

      • Life cycle logistics for use in operations
      • Support for repair technician and administrator
      • Software tools for the maintenance levels
      • Materials management
      • Proactive obsolescence management
      • Adjustments via form-fit-function processes