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DIN EN 55032

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Electromagnetic compatibility according to DIN EN 55032

Avoidance of interference from and caused by multimedia devices

Electronic devices emit electrical, magnetic or electromagnetic fields that can influence the functioning of other devices. ATM’s IT systems must comply with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements to prevent this from taking place. This means that ATM devices do not interfere with other devices due to undesired electrical or electromagnetic effects. On the other hand, ATM devices must not be influenced by other equipment.

ATM applies an array of EMC guidelines and standards to ensure that the devices are constructed and designed so as to minimise emitted interference as well as susceptibility to interference. ATM already analyses the potential for interference to arise when designing its circuits and circuit board layouts, and takes suitable measures to prevent both active and passive interference and propagation.

As a test standard, DIN EN 55032 “Electromagnetic compatibility of multimedia equipment and devices – Emission requirements” and its predecessor, DIN EN 55022, specify limit values and measurement methods for limiting high-frequency emitted interference through device housings, device-specific interfaces and connections.