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DIN EN 60529

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Degrees of protection provided by enclosures according to DIN EN 60529

International standard for protection classes by housings

Electrically operated systems must demonstrate their suitability for various environmental conditions. For this purpose, the protection class describes the protection of active components from contact, ingress of foreign bodies and water as well as the shock resistance which the housing of the device must provide.

Additionally, the degree of protection according to DIN EN 60529 defines the protection of individuals against a possible risk resulting from the use of electrical equipment. The testing methods replicate common interference factors to ensure this. ATM also conducts this protection class testing in its own laboratories.

For this purpose, the protection class defines the suitability of electrical equipment for different environmental conditions in the form of IP codes. IP stands for “International Protection” or “Ingress Protection”.

The coding of the IP code is regulated by DIN EN 60529. The IP code is made up of two digits. The first digit relates to protection from foreign bodies and contact, while the second describes protection from water. The higher the two digits, the higher the degree of protection.

As a general principle, ATM’s solutions always have a minimum rating of IP65. This means that the systems are completely impervious to dust and provide protection from spray water.