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DIN EN 61000

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Electromagnetic compatibility according to DIN EN 61000

Interference immunity and emitted interference of electronic devices

Every electronic device emits electrical, magnetic or electromagnetic fields that can influence the functioning of other electrical or electronic devices. For that reason, before electrical devices are placed on the market in the European Union, they must comply with limit values for interference immunity and emitted interference so that they meet certain protection requirements concerning electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

A fundamental standard for this is the generic standard DIN EN 61000. It is the basic standard for EMC immunity and emitted interference for the business, commercial and industrial sectors. It defines the absolute minimum requirements for EMC immunity, especially in cases where no product standard exists or no test levels have been defined. It also describes the required testing and measurement procedures concerning static electricity discharge, high-frequency electromagnetic fields, transient electrical disturbances and surge voltages.

Every ATM device is developed and constructed according to this standard as a general rule. The CE markings on ATM devices indicate that they have been tested according to this standard.