MLRS launcher firing and circuit board

IT solutions for extreme conditions

Command, control, communications and computing

The task of computer systems is to generate information superiority as a prerequisite for combat superiority. For information processing in the vehicle, this means being able to reproduce and allocate the data from the command and information system and the data generated in the vehicle.

ATM offers solutions for the optimisation of command, control, communications and computing (C4). ATM uses the latest technologies available on the market to offer the customer the best and most suitable solution for his purposes. In the process, development is conducted based on customer-specific specifications, standards and norms.

Our solutions

CENTURION i7 computer and vehicle server

Control computer and server

The great number of sensors and subsystems integrated into vehicles requires powerful computer and server systems that process the data supplied by these systems or trigger effectors. ATM offers solutions that take over specialised control and regulatory tasks.

ATM 19” computer

Rackmount systems

Different workstations result in strict and demanding specifications regarding the environmental conditions which the computers have to handle. For this purpose, ATM’s versatile and modular 19" systems offer a range of technical options for the workstation in addition to standardised sizes.