Person wearing gloves holding circuit board in hand. “AECTP-300 / AECTP-400” can be read printed on a document

AECTP-300 / -400

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Military environmental standards according to AECTP-300 / -400

Combined NATO standard for climatic and mechanical environmental tests

The AECTP (Allied Environmental Conditions and Test Publications) standard focuses on NATO-specific environmental testing requirements. As a testing method, AECTP-300 addresses climatic elements that may occur either on their own or in combination with other climatic elements or mechanical environments. This combined test is considered more realistic than an individual test which only examines a single element at a time.

AECTP-400 replicates the effects of the vibration environments which the material is subjected to during the defined operating conditions.

Not all test methods have to be applied in all cases, because AECTP takes into account that only the tests concerning environments which the material will actually be exposed in use need to be carried out. The expected life cycle of the device is also becoming more important in the test series. As a result, cumulative damage caused by long-term exposure to the combination of climatic and mechanical environments should also be simulated.