Person wearing gloves holding circuit board in hand. “ISO 16505” can be read printed on a document

ISO 16505

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Camera monitor systems according to ISO 16505

Camera monitor systems as a vehicle mirror replacement

For armoured wheeled and tracked vehicles to be allowed in road traffic, it must be ensured that the driver has a sufficient field of vision. This is greatly limited by the design of combat vehicles limits. For this reason, camera monitor systems are used as an extension of the driver’s field of vision and thus as a substitute for vehicle mirrors.

Since this constitutes a safety-relevant vehicle component, ISO 16505 describes the minimum technical requirements  for replacing conventional mirrors with digital mirrors in the form of camera monitor systems.

For this purpose, the international standard ISO 16505 defines aspects of safety and ergonomics as well as the performance of the testing procedures. To do so, ISO 16505 prescribes specifications for such aspects as minimum field of view, latency, refresh rate, glare caused by sunlight (blooming), magnification and resolution, operational readiness, luminance uniformity, contrast and colour rendition as well as (depth of) focus in consideration of the physical aspects of human vision.