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Military environmental standards according to STANAG 2895

NATO standard for extreme climatic conditions

STANAG stands for “Standardisation Agreement” and comprises several standardisation agreements of the NATO member states. STANAG is intended to ensure compliance with certain standards in the procurement of materials, equipment and systems. This is intended to ensure that all NATO forces ideally have the same or at least comparable equipment, so as to achieve interoperability.

STANAG 2895 (Extreme Climatic Conditions and Derived Conditions for Use in Defining Design/Test Criteria for NATO Forces Material) describes the most significant climatic factors and conditions which arise worldwide. For this purpose, the Agreement identifies these climatic environments in the form of categories for temperature and humidity conditions. It compiles standard descriptions of air temperature, humidity and direct solar radiation and identifies other climatic factors that may be significant in each of the defined categories. STANAG 2895 does not describe testing methods, but defines the conditions which are to be tested for.